Best Dog Carrier Slings To Keep Your Fur Babies Close To Your Heart

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After careful research and analysis on thousands of the dog slings on the market, we bring you three of the best choices for you and your pup.

As owners, we feel terrible leaving our dog at home. I mean, who wouldn’t with the longing gazes and puppy dog eyes. Our “fur babies” should be able to go anywhere with us, right? This can be possible with the use of a dog sling.

To help you choose the right dog sling, we have studied the reviews of owners with “fur babies” like yourself. Look at our top three contenders for the best dog carrier slings.

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  • What is a Dog Sling?
  • How Do You Safely Use a Dog Sling?
  • Where Can I Take My Dog in a Sling?
  • How Can My Dog Benefit from a Sling?
  • How Can I Benefit From a Dog Sling?
  • What Features Should I Look For?
  • Why Use a Sling Rather than a Pet Carrier?

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The Research

What is a Dog Sling?

As the name suggests, a dog sling is a type of carrier where you can carry your dog across your body by the use of straps. According to MSPCA, or the Massachusetts Society for the Prevents of Cruelty to Animals, slings can be difficult to locate. Many owners choose to make their own, though this may not be the best decision. We believe that they should be made with care to prevent possible back injuries or soreness.

These slings are generally designed with canine comfort in mind. They also can be found to have good ventilation, collar attachments, and some form of closing to prevent your dog from jumping out.

How Do You Safely Use a Dog Sling?

Very Well Health identifies the problems caused when using a sling improperly. In fact, when not used correctly, this can make any aches worse. Be sure to consider the safety of your dog as well when using a dog sling. Below are a few tips for new sling users from iHeart Dogs.

Read the label: the first step to ensure that both you and your “fur baby” are safe is to read any provided instructions.

Check the air: a sling that is positioned too tightly may inhibit airflow to your dog. Even for dogs that snuggle deep into the pouch need an opening.

Consider your dog’s comfort: a dog that is not properly fitted into the sling is more likely to try to jump out.

Temperature: certain fabrics are more susceptible to make Fido overheated. Keep tabs on your dog and take them out if they start getting too warm.

Potty breaks: in the confines of a sling, a dog may not tell you when they need to attend to “business” so let them out to sniff occasionally.

Where Can I Take My Dog in a Sling?

Using a dog sling carrier will give your dog the opportunity to go where dogs only dream of. Listed below are a few ideas for your dog’s new found freedom, presented by Natural Dog Owner.

Traveling: whether it’s a short trip, or a long trek, dogs in slings are able to join their owners for the journey.

Shopping: if you’re unsure about leaving your dog at home, why not take them out on short errands? The store is made possible with the use of a dog sling.

Veterinary Office: though not the most liked answer for dogs, slings do allow for convenient trips in to the clinic. This method of carrier is great in these situations for the close proximity calms any nerves.

Around the house: this might seem a bit silly, but carrying your dog around in a sling is a way of bonding with them. Imagine a new puppy who you don’t quite trust yet. With a sling, they are able to spend quality time and be under a watchful eye.

Around the neighborhood: dog slings are beneficial for walks around the neighborhood for a pooch that may deal with anxiety. This allows them to explore new smells without being taken out of their element.

How Can My Dog Benefit from a Sling?

Fit Bark notes how important the use of quality time can reduce anxiety in your dog. By using a dog sling, your dog is able to feel more at ease. Other reasons include:

  • Mental stimulation: this form of stimulation can generally be achieved by introducing your dog to new situations. Dogs who join you on daily errands are introduced to a range of experiences that they otherwise would not have.
  • Closeness: a dog who goes everywhere with his favorite person is a happy dog indeed! Why not give them the option to join you during the day instead of am them waiting for you while out and about.
  • Socialization: it’s common for people to stop you and ask to see your dog, especially when in a sling since they are not all that common. This will make your dog more comfortable with strangers, seeing that you aren’t the only one who loves them.

How Can I Benefit From a Dog Sling?

A study conducted by Harvard Medical School found that dogs are more than just a companion. Not only do they give us endless loyalty, they can even reduce the event of a cardiovascular irregularity. Truth be told, if I had my dog with me while doing errands, I would be a lot less stressed. There are a variety of benefits that you can experience from using a dog sling. These can be found below.

  • Hands-free: if your dog is wearing a collar and leash, it will limit what you are able to do. Dog slings provide owners with more possibilities.
  • Warmth: with a dog closely held in to your body, you’re bound to keep warm.

What Features Should I Look For?

Knowing what to look for in a dog sling is half the battle. After reviewing numerous products, we’ve been able to find the best features and attributes.

  • Comfortable materials
  • Collar clips for added security
  • Zippers or other closures
  • Adjustable straps for a better fit
  • Removable comfort pads to add cushioning

Why Use a Sling Rather than a Pet Carrier?

Jewelbird Dog Slings lists the reason as to why dog slings are preferred over the typical pet crates and purses.

  • They are lightweight in comparison
  • Fashionable products with different style options
  • Adjustable sizing makes for a personal fit
  • Easy to use than the bulky alternative

Now that you know the intricacies behind this lesser-known product, you can look at our top dog sling carriers.

Product Reviews




Best Dog Carrier Sling For Small Dogs





Small Dog Carrier Sling

This sling is an excellent choice for owners that want keep their small dog breeds or puppies close to them while still having hands free for other tasks.

What we love:

  • This dog sling carrier is well-made
  • Allows you to bring your dog and have your hands free
  • Comfortable enough for the owner to wear around the house
  • This dog sling may be the ideal size for your small dog
  • Plenty of options for a more personalized look
  • Designed with the comfort of the dog in mind through soft materials
  • Easy to use and quick to take off when done with your outing
  • The inner lining can be removed and machine-washed for easier cleaning
  • An adjustable shoulder strap makes it more comfortable for the owner to wear

What we don’t love:

  • There are no pockets to add extra storage
  • This product does not have a ventilated area for your dog
  • It is not as deep as other dog slings with a size of about 23 by 11 inches.

Why it’s great: The Tomkas Dog Carrier Sling was ranked among our top candidates for a number of reasons. If you are trying to find a bag that is easily washed, then this sling is ideal. We also liked the materials which was 30 percent cotton and 70 percent polyester.

The adjustable shoulder strap makes it fit securely, an important feature when carrying your beloved pet around town. Another added feature are the collar clips that can fasten your dog to the inside of the bag.

There is a belt located near the opening so as to change the size of this hole when your dog needs more air. This also allows you to change the opening based on which dog you have.

It comes in a variety of colors including black, camouflage, gray, royal blue, red and denim. The sling itself is reversible for another element of personalization.

The weight capacity for this product is 10 pounds, though it is recommended that your dog weigh between 3 and 10 pounds overall.




Best Dog Carrier Sling for Medium Dogs





Pet Carrier Sling

This bag is an excellent fit for those have small to medium sized dogs. It lets you fit a dog of up to 20 pounds as opposed to 10 pounds commonly seen in similar products.

What we love:

  • This is a sturdy, well-made dog sling for any outing
  • The shoulder strap has padding to prevent any future shoulder pain
  • RETRO Pet Carrier offers you with a hands-free opportunity with your dog
  • The bag itself has plenty of room for your dog to feel at ease
  • Due to the way that this bag is designed, it is comfortable to wear
  • The pocket located on the shoulder strap allows you to store any money needed for your next shopping trip with your pup
  • Let’s you take your pet out, even in heavy rain so that they can stay warm
  • To prevent your pet from escaping, there is a collar clip and multiple straps
  • Let’s you fit a dog of up to 20 pounds as opposed to 10 pounds commonly seen in similar products

What we don’t love:

  • It only comes in grey
  • This sling can get warm due to the thick material

Why it’s great: This RETRO PUG dog sling carrier is made for medium and small-sized dogs that range from a 5 pound Teacup Chihuahua to a 20 pound Shih-Tzu.

Dogs that move in the sling can cause harm to their owners. Retro has tried to remove this problem through additional safety. In addition to a single leash ring, the mesh safety net keeps your dog from moving around too much while in use.

There are multiple adjustments that can be made for a more enjoyable experience. There are three straps used to adjust the length of the dog purse for added flexibility and comfort. These may also help if you are worried about your dog escaping the sling. In addition to these features is a shoulder strap pad with an ergonomic design, helping you as the owner carry the weight of your dog with ease.

The material used is sturdy and includes a waterproof function. You may find this helpful for those rainy excursions with your “fur baby”. We really found the storage spaces to beneficial feature. These can be found on the shoulder strap, where belongings are accessible and safely stored.




Best Dog Carrier Sling for Small Dogs





Dog Sling Carrier

iPrimio’s dog sling provides both comfort and security for both you and your pup. Additionally, the sling offers a helpful pouch to hold onto belongings such as treats or money for a true convenient solution.

What we love:

  • This dog sling is made to be sturdy and long-lasting
  • Suited for those wanting a hands-free doggy date
  • Comfortable enough to wear around the house
  • This product easily fits an animal under the weight of 12 pounds
  • Small pouch to hold onto belongings such as treats or money
  • The material found on the inside is soft for a happier dog
  • Reversible with a number of colors to choose from
  • The shoulder strap has an added layer of padding to prevent injury or soreness
  • This sling is easy to clean and put in the washer

What we don’t love:

  • The straps are not adjustable and may need fixing to fit your exact measurements
  • Does not fit an animal over the weight of 12 pounds
  • The instructions are not clear when addressing how to safely attach your dog to the inside of the sling

Why it’s great: This sling carrier is ideal for those wanting to carry their dog with a free pair of hands. The sling itself is 20 inches wide and 14 inches deep for a comfortable space.

The shoulder strap is 26 inches long and includes a security clasp to ensure that your “fur baby” won’t jump out. This region of the sling also has a pouch that can be used to hold your cards, keys, cellphone or small wallet. It is built to fit a dog of up to 12 pounds.

The material used in the iPrimio Dog Sling is easy to clean. All it takes is being thrown in the wash. You may find this sling ideal if you worry about the airflow in these carriers. This product is made with material that is breathable. There is also a safety latch located inside the bag for an extra level of protection.

This carrier comes in an assortment of different colors. These range from light blue, pink, grey, to polka dot. The bag itself is reversible for extra padding.

Final Thoughts

When comparing all of the bells and whistles of the three products, we decided that the RETRO Pug Sling was the most impressive. Unlike the two other contenders, this product can hold a wider range of dogs with a comfortable shoulder strap that is adjustable.

Another defining feature was the attention to safety, where an animal was securely fastened with multiple straps and a collar clip. The best dog carrier slings are comfortable for both the owner and the dog.

They offer both parties an experience that will not only reduce stress and increase stimulation but also improve the bond that you share with your “fur baby”. So, the next time you see those sad puppy eyes staring up at you with your hand on the doorknob, consider putting them in a dog

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