Best Airline Approved Dog Carrier Bags For Dachshunds

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We’ve researched thousands of the airline approved dog carriers for dachshunds and analyzed their reviews from doxie owners to bring you the best choices for your preferred traveling needs.

Choosing the best airline-approved dog carrier is extremely important, not only for your dachshund’s safety but also for your wallet.

There are so many dog carriers on the market, but if you fly often with your doxie, you want to make sure the one you purchase will last and will be accepted by all of the airlines that you fly on. We’ve identified some of our favorites which you may also like based on your specific traveling needs.

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  • How do you choose the best dog carrier for travel?
  • What are the benefits of an airline-approved dog carrier?
  • What are things to look for that differentiate these products?
  • What’s the best way to use airline-approved dog carrier?
  • What features to look for?

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  • Best Dog Carrier Approved By Most Airlines
  • Best Airline Approved Dog Carrier That Doubles As A Backpack
  • Best Airline Approved Dog Carrier With Extra Storage
  • Best Airline Approved Dog Carrier with Wheels
  • Best Airline Approved Dog Carrier For Multiple Uses

The Research

How Do You Choose the Best Dog Carrier for Travel?

The most important thing is to take into consideration your dachshund’s size. If you have a large dog, they might not fit in an under-the-seat carrier.

Then decide if you’d like a hard-size carrier, which is more advantageous to the dog, or a soft-sided carrier that’s easier to carry.

Finally ask yourself.

  • Do I need a dog carrier with wheels?
  • Will I carry the carrier on your shoulder, or is my dog too heavy?

Consider all of this before buying. Most importantly, do not purchase a bag that isn’t FAA approved. The worst situation would be to arrive at the airport with a bag that is not approved, and then your dog has to be driven back home and you miss your vacation.

What are the benefits of an airline-approved dog carrier?

Each airline has very specific restrictions about the sizes of bags that they allow to come on the plane. They even have size restrictions for personal items that go underneath the seat in front of you, like pet carriers. So, to prevent the unnecessary hassle of calling each airline to find out what their restrictions are, make sure you purchase a bag that is FAA-approved. That means it will be ok to fit under the seat in any airplane.

Things to look for that differentiate these products

How Do You Move the Carrier? Some carriers are wearable; you can strap them right to your body or use the attached strap to wear the carrier like a purse. You can then just remove it and slide it under the seat. Others either have wheels like a carry-on suitcase, still, others function like a stroller that can be folded upon entering the plane. Determine what’s best for you based on your dog’s size.

Should I Choose Plastic or Canvas Construction? Most airline-approved carriers for the cargo area of the plane are made of very tough plastic. You can find some smaller, similar crates for under your seat as well. However, gaining in popularity are durable canvas bags that appear more like backpacks or duffel bags. Know that the plastic crates are far heavier and more cumbersome to manage.

What Size Should I Choose? You need a carrier that’s small enough to fit under the seat but comfortable enough for your dog. Some dogs do better with a shorter and longer crate. Others need one that is taller when standing but lies flat under the seat.

What’s the best way to use airline-approved dog carrier?

You should only use the dog carrier while traveling. Typically, these carriers are tight quarters for dogs, specifically made so you can bring your furry kiddo with you on your trip, but they’re not the most comfortable. Your dog should only be in the carrier for a couple of hours at a time. When you’re not flying, like on a connection, you should take your dog out of the carrier and allow him to stretch.

What Features to Look For?

Regardless of the size of your dog, there are a number of features that you’ll want to make sure the carrier has before you buy so that you can ensure your pet is safe and happy.

Ventilation: Your dog needs to be able to breathe in his or her carrier! Make sure that whatever carrier you buy has plenty of netting or open areas where air can flow in and out. Remember that these dog carriers must fit underneath the seat in front of you. Potentially with other bags stored next to your pet carrier, there will be less air flow. The more air your pet has, the better off they will be, and in many cases, being able to see what is going on around them will help ease their travel anxieties.

Hard or Soft Carrier: While a soft carrier might be easier for smaller dogs who are only hopping into their crates during the flight, a hard carrier will ensure that they have a designated area underneath the seat. You want them to have as much room as possible to relax and stretch out. Soft-sided carriers often bend under the pressure of seats, seat pockets, other bags or even feet. However, soft-sided carriers are much harder to manage as you walk through the airport and go through security. We recommend that you try the carrier out with your dog inside, so you can mimic what the airport experience will be like.

Wheels: Carriers with wheels make transporting a larger or heavier dog much easier. Look for a rolling dog carrier if you have a pup that’s difficult to carry, or if you get easily winded. However, keep in mind that large wheels on your dog’s carrier potentially might make it more difficult to fit your dog’s carrier under the seat.

Pockets: If your dog takes medicine or needs treats to be calm during the flight, you’ll find that pockets are a lifesaver. Instead of digging through your purse, the item you need for your dog is available right on his carrier. This is an especially good feature if you plan on removing your dog from the carrier while waiting for your plane at their airport. You can pack toys, leashes, medications and treats within reach of your dog, making it so much easier to manage them.

Zipper or Velcro closure: Some bags zip up top, others are Velcro. While the Velcro closure is an easier option, it doesn’t always stay closed and your dogs might sneak out in flight.

Product Reviews




Best Dog Carrier Approved By Most Airlines


Travel Original Deluxe Airline-Approved Pet Carrier

The Sherpa pet carrier is a fantastic choice for air travel, or just for your travel to the local vet. Regardless of what size you purchase, the bag is compact and easy to carry.

What we love:

  • Spring wire frame conforms to the small space underneath the airline seat
  • Comes in three sizes: small, medium and large
  • Comes in multiple colors including purple, black and grey
  • The top entry provides an easy way to get pets in and out of the carrier

What we don’t love:

  • Returns aren’t very easy
  • May not withstand an angry dog that wants to claw out

Noteworthy features: The shoulder strap makes it easy to transport your pet and the comfort of the bag ensures that your dog is experiencing the utmost comfort when traveling.

One thing that makes the Sherpa Travel bag extremely unique is the patented spring wire frame. This ensures that your pup is getting the most room possible while being carried in the bag, but also allows the bag to be somewhat collapsible when you push it under the airline’s seat in front of you. It actually will shrink down several inches in order to fit.

Form & Functionality: The Sherpa bag does have several windows made of a net-like material to keep air flowing. It has a pocket in the back, so you can store your dog’s leash, treats, food, bags and dishes.

You can also access the bag from the top or side, enabling your dog to get in whatever way is most comfortable for her.

The bag is padded for your dog’s comfort but also zips close, ensuring that even in the most frenetic moments, your furry friend will not be escaping mid-flight.

Choose the carrier that’s best for you. A medium size carrier measures 17” L x 11” W x 10.5” and fits a dog up to 16″ L x 10″ H and 16 pounds. However, choose the bag based on your dog’s size, not just weight.





Best Airline Approved Dog Carrier That Doubles As A Backpack

Pawfect Pets

Soft-Sided Pet Carrier Backpack

This bag is an excellent fit for those who have smaller or toy breed dogs. It’s especially great if you have issues with one shoulder or your back, as it equalizes the pressure that’s placed on your body and centralizes the position of your dog.

The bag is also made of breathable material and has removable fleece pads. This is great not only for keeping your dog comfortable, but means the bag is easily cleaned in case there are any accidents.

What we love:

  • Has extra-thick padding for your comfort
  • Wears like a backpack
  • Made of stylish material
  • Is escape-proof
  • Airline-approved by Southwest, American, Delta, Virgin, JetBlue, Alaska, Allegiant, Frontier, United and others

What we don’t love:

  • Does not fit all small dogs; it is imperative that you measure your pet before purchase

Noteworthy features: The Pawfect Pets Pet Carrier Backpack is really stylish; it doesn’t look like a pet carrier!

This is the largest sized carrier allowed by airlines for use under the plane’s seats. It measures 17” T x 11” W x 11” D and is totally escape-proof. It securely keeps your dog in place during flight with its claw-proof mesh and high-quality zippers.

Form & Functionality: It is also very durable and has great ventilation for your dog. The best part is, it is comfortable for the human as well. It has adjustable shoulder straps, extra thick padding on the shoulder and lower back areas.

This means you can hike or travel all day long without feeling any pain!




Best Airline-Approved Dog Carrier With Extra Storage

Mr. Peanut’s

Double Expandable Airline-Approved Luxury Pet Travel Tote

Mr. Peanut’s dog carrier is double expandable, meaning that it opens on the sides to provide more room for your pup when he is not on the plane but instead in the airport.

This product measures 18″ Length x 10.5″ Width x 11″ Height and fits dogs up to 15 lbs and 16″ in length X 10″ in height. It has a ventilated top portion, so your dog has fresh air and has soft sides so that it has a little extra give if you need to squeeze it under a seat.

Keep in mind, this carrier is made for your dog to lie down during flight, so make sure you measure appropriately before purchasing. The carrier has a removable plush lining that your dog will love and find so comfortable. You’ll love it because you can remove it and throw it in the washing machine if it gets dirty during travel!

What we love:

  • Warranty against any defects
  • A portion of profits donated to local animal shelters
  • Approved for use with all airlines
  • The crate is easily cleaned and waterproof

What we don’t love:

  • Might be too large to fit under the seats on some airlines
  • When squished under the seat, seams might rip apart

Noteworthy Features: This is the largest sized carrier allowed by airlines for use under the plane’s seats. It measures 17” T x 11” W x 11” D and is totally escape-proof. It securely keeps your dog in place during flight with its claw-proof mesh and high-quality zippers.

The most important thing is that if you’re not satisfied with Mr. Peanut’s Travel Tote bag or it breaks down, there is a two-year limited warranty to protect you. Mr. Peanut is a company that prides itself on satisfaction!

Form & Functionality: The bag is surprisingly lightweight but does have plenty of padding on its shoulder strap to protect your body. That shoulder strap is tested and proven to hold up to 40 lbs of string stress, even though the product is geared toward pets that are less than 16 lbs.

The material used to construct the back is used to construct military grade parachutes, so you know it is strong, yet the bag even folds down to a 3-inch bag when not in use.




Best Airline Approved Dog Carrier with Wheels


Airline Approved Pet Carrier

The Katziela pet carrier will fit under the seat on any airline, thanks to the malleability of its mesh design and its removable wheels.

The bag’s dimensions are 12x22x10, making it roomy enough for your pet to lie down but small enough to ensure that it will fit on the plane. Additionally, your dog won’t be escaping thanks to the escape-proof zipper!

However, your dog will feel the utmost comfort thanks to the very comfortable soft-sided interior and plush bed included on the inside of the carrier. He will feel comfortable and get plenty of fresh air thanks to the many mesh panels in the Katziela Airline Approved Pet Carrier bag.

What we love:

  • Wheels are removable
  • Can be used as a roller-style bag or a duffle bag
  • Mesh fabric is movable to fit different airline carrier requirements

What we don’t love:

  • Wheels can be somewhat confusing to put back on the bag

More Details: Katziela promises their customers that they use the highest quality materials, so this bag will last you for years! The removable wheels are strong and will hold up the bag, yet they are also easily removable. They even provide extra should you need them! The straps on the bag are non-slip too. So, whether you choose to roll the bag or carry it, you won’t be stressing your body out!




Best Airline Approved Dog Carrier For Multiple Uses


Wheel Around 4-In-1 Pet Travel Carrier

This carrier is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for versatility in terms of your dog carrier. This is a backpack, a roller bag, a car carrier and airline bag all in one.

The interior of the bag is 9”H x 13”W x 15”L when it is lying down. So, even if your dog is tall enough to be in the bag when standing, try the bag out. He or she may not be comfortable lying down. The outside of the bag is 20″ H x 14″ W x 11″D. Make sure that you measure your dog prior to purchase so you know which size is right for him or her.

Who is this for?: The Snoozer Wheel Around Travel Carrier is a great bag for a curious dog who wants to interact with other people on the flight as it has a large mesh area on front. Keep in mind, for a very stressed out dog or for one who has aggression issues, this might not be the best choice.

What we love:  

  • Comes in three sizes: small, medium and large
  • Comes in three color combinations

What we don’t love:

  • The large bag does not fit under certain airline’s seats, like Delta

Final Thoughts

After this careful review, the Sherpa Original Dog carrier is the clear winner. It is guaranteed to fit under the seats of all airlines and even has special technology to fold the carrying case if it’s a tight fit. Your dog will be able to maintain the space he needs without possibly getting sent back home because the cage is too large.

Your dog will be so comfortable in the “sherpa”-like inside padding and will get as much fresh air as possible through the ventilation without being overstimulated. Plus, when you land, you’ll have everything you need right on hand, thanks to the large pockets that hold all the essentials for you and your dog!

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