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For the past 7 years, my wife and I have enjoyed traveling to different parts of the world. Combined between ourselves, we’ve had the privilege of visiting 30 countries, 20 US states, 5 Disney parks and 5 FIFA World Cups.

In addition to travel, we’re absolutely in crazy about Dachshunds. In 2014, we added an incredibly cute Dachshund named Duke to our family who quickly learned how to enjoy traveling as well. Everytime we take out his Sherpa travel carrier, he immediately jumps right in and patiently awaits his next adventure.

Since then, our little family has gained even more memories together, across the 4 states we’ve lived in (New Jersey, New York, Florida and California), and most recently, we added another Dachshund to our family. Her name is Daisy and she loves playing with her older brother and his toys.

With the addition of a second dog and all the travel experience we’ve built up over the years, we decided it would be great to start this website and share everything we’ve learned with a goal of helping other dog lovers with their travels. We hope you come along for the ride and gain much more than just information.

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